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Product Care

Here you will find information concerning the properties and applications of the materials our products are made from and advice as to how to care for those products.


18/10 Stainless Steel18/0 Stainless SteelStainless SteelAluminiumIronCopperforgedCast AluminiumCast ZincacidproofBrassCast IronCutlery Steelcold forgedBlue SteelTinplate
18/10 Stainless Steel

18/8-18/10 Stainless Steel

DIN X 5 Cr Ni 17-20 8,5-10 AISI 304, BS 304S15
Austenitic stainless steel, made up of nominally 18% chromium & 8-10% nickel. Strong, non magnetic & excellent for cold deep drawing/presswork e.g gastronorm pans. Poor heat conductor, therefore a good insulator. Extremely hygienic, non toxic & recyclable. Excellent corrosion resistance, although pitting can occur in cases of long contact with chlorides or acids e.g. salt and fruit acids. Can be sterilised and, polished, may discolour above 400°C and get damaged above 600°C
Dishwasher or manual cleaning with mild washing up liquid,
any surface rust can easily be removed with stainless steel cleaning creams e. g. Etolit® and lime scale/ calcium deposits with descaler products. Use stainless steel, as opposed to other metal scourers e.g. our 6000/050. Avoid putting hot items straight into cold water, as this can cause thermal shock
Special advise for cutlery.
Food deposits which are not immediately removed will affect the surface of the cutlery

Dry all items thoroughly immediately after removing them from the dishwasher and store them away.
PolypropylenePolyethylenePolyamidePolycarbonateABS plasticPOM plasticHDPELDPEPolystyroleExoglassMelaminePVCSANPolyurethaneSiliconeFibreglassAcrylicEPPRubberThermoplastic elastomerPESEPS
Natural Material
WoodLeatherTextilesPure CottonglasPorcelainLinencorkBamboo
silverplatedchromeplatedcopperplatedgoldplatedtinnedlaqueredpowdercoatedPTFE non-sticknickel platedenamelledCeramic
instruction manual etching possiblelaser-marking possibleskinning possibleNEWBy truck only.for self assembly
dishwashersafedishwasherproofoversafemicrowavesafefor all cooking methodsfor inductionfor ceramic cooktopfor electrofor gasmust be hand washedstackableaccording to HACCPfoodsafeself-extinguishingDishwashercoolableBPA freeMade in GermanyGNvirtually unbreakablenot dishwasher safenot to go in ovennot to go in microwaveDesign UlberRegistered Trademark WECKRegistered Trademark SOLINGENwaterprooflimited use for inductionmagnetischNon-Slip Surfaceencapsulated bottommultiply materialfoldableEuronormwashable by handwashable at 40°Cwashable at 90°Cfor gas, electro and ceramicweatherproofgraduatedsandwich bottomwashable at 30°Cwashable at 60°C