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Buffet & Events

Buffet & Events

Buffet & Events

With our range you can handle every buffet and banquet with flying colours. In addition to your planning and cooking, the right presentation of food is vital for success. Here you will find the right equipment to impress and deliver.

Cake Stands

Chafing Dishes

Cheese Items

Chafing Dish Accessories

Buffet Noir

Buffet One

Ergonom Utensils

Cold Buffet

Cold Beverage

Weck® Glass Jars

Buffet Boards

Buffet Display System

Flats and Platters

Food Warmers

Perforated Spoons

Serving Ladles

Pastry Servers

Sauce/Gravy Ladles

Ice Packs

Cereal Dispensers

Fajita Towers

Pretzel Stands

GN Wooden Boxes

Paddle Boards