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Potato Chipper

Potato Chipper

all 18/10 stainless steel, interchangeable blades and pusher, on stainless steel weighted table stand, dishwasher safe, flow rate per minute: 4 to 5 kg, heavy gauge
18/10 Stainless Steeldishwasher proofBlade Steel
Part No.Length Width Height

Base model without cutter

325/00144 cm25 cm33.5 cm
325/906Blade 6 mm
325/908Blade 8 mm
325/910Blade 10 mm
325/913Blade 13 mm
325/920Blade 10x20 mm
( /920 and /960 are tinned.)
325/960for 6 segments
( /920 and /960 are tinned.)
All blades include the matching pusher. Powder coated version or spare parts on request.
Potato Preparation Cutter

Potato Preparation Cutter

18/10 stainless steel, for preparing château, cocotte and fondant potatoes and other vegetables of 4-8 cm long, with 7 regular sides, adjustable blade
18/10 Stainless Steel
Part No.Length Width Height
576/00131 cm17 cm19 cm
Spare parts on request.
Potato Chipper

Potato Chipper

chrome plated with plastic carriage, with 10x10mm tinned cutter and plastic pusher, on powder coated weighted table stand, flow rate per minute: 4 to 5 Kg, heavy gauge
Part No.Length Width Height
3325/44044 cm25 cm33.5 cm
3325/906Tinned cutter 6x6 mm + plastic pusher
3325/908Tinned cutter 8x8 mm + plastic pusher
3325/910Tinned cutter 10x10 mm + plastic pusher
3325/913Tinned cutter 13x13 mm + plastic pusher