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Glass Carrier

Glass Carrier

high density polyethylene, especially for so called Willi glasses, but suitable for other types of glasses as well, box size 74 x 38 cm, stackable
Part No.Max. height of glass Max. Glass Diameter Slots

blue, 23 cm high, for 0.3 to 0.4 L glasses

2534/03220.5 cm8.6 cm32

red, 19 cm high, for 0.2 L glasses

2534/05017 cm6.9 cm50
Glassware Insert

Glassware Insert

grey plastic, fits a standard 60 x 40 cm box, the lower part is placed in the box, the upper part hangs from the handles, by separating the upper and lower part the system can be adapted to boxes of different depths
Part No.Slots Max. Glass Diameter Feature
2557/71515 10.5 cmupper
2557/81515 10.5 cmlower
2557/72424 8.5 cmupper
2557/82424 8.5 cmlower
2557/74040 6.5 cmupper
2557/84040 6.5 cmlower

e.g. fits transport box 31 cm deep for glasses up to 30 cm height

Transport /Storage Container

Transport /Storage Container

light grey polypropylene, with two built in moulded handles, stackable, heavy gauge
Part No.Outer Length Outer Width Outer Height Litre
4545/55056 cm42 cm13.5 cm20 L
Inner Size 49 x 37 x 13 cm