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18/0 stainless steel, satin polished finish, elegant design, heavy gauge
18/0 Stainless Steel
Part No.Length
450/29019 cm


cast aluminium, rubber inlay in handle, spring mechanism, not dishwasher safe, for cracking walnuts, hazelnuts as well as other nuts
Cast AluminiumNEWnot dishwasher safe
Part No.Length Diameter Depth
1071/18518.5 cm4 cm6 cm
Flour Brush

Flour Brush

plastic bristles, white plastic handle, food safe, dishwasher safe
dishwashersafefoodsafeThermoplastic elastomer
Part No.Length Width Bristle Length
1729/30029 cm3 cm6 cm
Baking Ruler

Baking Ruler

white polystyrene, centimetre and 8/12 cm scale
Part No.Length Width
1735/60064 cm5 cm
Fluted Pastry tool

Fluted Pastry tool

The pâté iron is heated in oil, dipped hot in the pâté dough and then baked in a pan. The finished casing is filled with the pâté or similar.

raw cast iron, fluted top diameter 5 cm, base diameter 3.5 cm, height 4 cm, rod made of 18/10 stainless steel, with plastic handle, for making pâté casings such as vol au vent
18/10 Stainless SteelCast Iron
Part No.Total Length
3344/52052.5 cm
Sugar Pump

Sugar Pump

13 cm long aluminium tube, with rubber pump, for superb sugar craft
Part No.Length Nozzle Diameter
4484/20025 cm6 mm
Piping Tube

Piping Tube

polycarbonate, feed control, suitable for viscous food, supplied with one refill tube, one plain round and one star pastry tube
Part No.Length Diameter Litre
4486/38538.5 cm10.5 cm0.75 L
4486/975Refill tube
1731/024Pastry tube set (24 pieces)
Cream Whipper

Cream Whipper

18/10 stainless steel, with 3 different nozzles, dishwasher safe
18/10 Stainless Steeldishwashersafe
Part No.Litre max. Diameter Overall Height

single walled, satin brushed finish

5551/0510.5 L8 cm29 cm
5551/1011 L10 cm30 cm

double-walled mirror polished Thermo version

5553/0500.5 L10 cm26 cm
Chef's Blow Torch

Chef's Blow Torch

chrome effect, non-slip sure grip metal body, piezo trigger auto ignition, safety lock, uses butane lighter fuel, burn time approx. 60 min, can be used at any angle, supplied without fuel
AluminiumFibreglassinstruction manual
Part No.Handle Diameter Height
7538/8503 cm15 cm
Chef's Blow Torch Head

Chef's Blow Torch Head

ideal for caramelizing, melting cheese, skinning tomatoes and peppers etc., easy and safe operation, piezo trigger auto ignition, adjustable flame, works at any angle
Fibreglassinstruction manual
Part No.Length Diameter Handle Length
7541/25015 cm2 cm12 cm
Supplied without cartridge. Fits most standard European gas cartridges,