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Vegetable Slicer

Vegetable Slicer

stainless steel and aluminium, with plastic handle. Produces long angel hair spaghetti vegetable strands, includes 2, 3 and 6 mm blades, dismountable for cleaning
Stainless SteelCast Aluminium
Part No.Length Width Height
322/00137 cm14 cm25 cm
GN 1/2 size pan (up to 40 mm) can fit underneath for juice


18/10 stainless steel, fluted and smooth blade, incl. cutter set of 3 mm, 5 mm and 10 mm, easy to use and clean
18/10 Stainless Steelinstruction manual Cutlery Steel
Part No.Length Width
4460/40036.5 cm11.5 cm

Please order hand guard separately

4460/0016 cm12 cm
Spare parts on request.


18/10 stainless steel, specially coated sturdy supports to prevent slipping, 2 horizontal blades (1 smooth and 1 fluted), 3 vertical fluted blades, (2, 4 and 10 mm), ergonomical hand guard, heavy gauge
18/10 Stainless SteelCutlery Steel
Part No.Total Length Overall Height Blade Width
4467/47039 cm24 cm10.5 cm
Spare parts on request.
Sauerkraut Mandolin

Sauerkraut Mandolin

natural wood, stainless steel blades
Stainless SteelWoodlaquerednot dishwasher safe
Part No.Length Width Cutting Width

with three blades

4470/00360 cm24 cm20 cm