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Sauté Pan, medium

18/10 stainless steel, mirror polished, with hollow handle and pouring rim, 8 mm sandwich base, suitable for any cooking method including induction, heavy gauge
Part No.Litre Inside Diameter Outer Height Base Diameter Handle Length
2008/1601.5 L16 cm8 cm14 cm19.5 cm
2008/1802 L18 cm8.5 cm16 cm20 cm
2008/2002.5 L20 cm9.5 cm18 cm20 cm
2008/2404.5 L24 cm11 cm21 cm21.5 cm
2008/2807 L28 cm13 cm25 cm27.7 cm
Please order lids separately (Part No.2061)
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stainless steel, cleans stainless steel surfaces without damaging them, dishwasher safe
Stainless Steeldishwashersafeinstruction manual
Part No.Weight
6000/05060 g
Safety advise Do not use in the immediate vicinity of any food.