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Frying / Paella Pan

Frying / Paella Pan

18/10 stainless steel, satin polished, with two side cool grip handles and pouring rim, 7 mm sandwich base, suitable for any cooking method including induction up to 40 cm Ø, heavy gauge
18/10 Stainless Steelfor all cooking methodssandwich bottom
Part No.Inside Diameter Outer Height Base Diameter
2102/20020 cm4.5 cm14 cm
2102/24024 cm5 cm18 cm
2102/28028 cm5.5 cm21.5 cm
2102/32032 cm6 cm25 cm
2102/36036 cm7 cm29 cm
2102/40040 cm6.5 cm31 cm
2102/46046 cm9 cm36 cm
(not suitable for induction.)
2102/60058 cm16 cm46 cm
(not suitable for induction.)
2102/80080 cm17 cm62 cm
(For this size pallet delivery only.)
Please order lids separately (Part No. 2161)
Paella Pan

Paella Pan

1.5 mm thick blue steel, two mild steel handles, suitable for any cooking method including induction, heavy gauge
Ironfor all cooking methodsinstruction manual
Part No.Diameter Height
5080/34034 cm5 cm
5080/42042 cm5.5 cm
5080/47047 cm6.5 cm
5080/60060 cm6.5 cm
Paella Pan

Paella Pan

2.5 mm thick mild steel, two handles, suitable for induction, heavy gauge
Ironfor induction
Part No.Diameter Height
5080/24024 cm4 cm
5080/40040 cm6 cm