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Bag Clip with Lid

Bag Clip with Lid

polypropylene, the original twixit!® Seal & Pour does more than close bag, it allows you to pour contents from the bag without reopening the bag clip, it features a built-in pouring spout with resealable lid to keep contents fresh, dishwasher proof
Polypropylenedishwasher proof
Part No.Length Colour
7555/14614 cmgreen
7555/14914 cmred
Bag Clips

Bag Clips

polypropylene, original patented twixit!® clips, freezer, microwave and dishwasher safe, all HACCP colours, to seal plastic, rubbish or piping bags
Polypropylenedishwasher proofmicrowave safeHACCPcoolable
Part No.Length
7557/01111 cm
7557/01414 cm
Priced and packed 20 pieces per bag 4 pcs. per colour Raw meat RED, raw fish BLUE, cooked meat YELLOW, salad and fruit GREEN, others WHITE
Large Bag Clips

Large Bag Clips

the original twixit!® Mega Clip, perfect for tightly closing extra large bags, keeping contents fresh, suitable for use in microwave ovens and freezers, dishwasher proof
Polypropylenedishwasher proofmicrowave safecoolable
Part No.Length Colour
7558/24024 cmwhite
7558/24124 cmblack
7558/24324 cmblue
7558/24924 cmred
Remove insert for thick paper bags