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Glass Carrier

Glass Carrier

blue plastic, strong handle, can be taken apart
Part No.Diameter Height Slots Max. Glass Diameter
1254/00931.5 cm35 cm9 64 mm

for slim glasses

1254/01131.5 cm35 cm11 53 mm
Non Slip Mat

Non Slip Mat

black plastic sponge, inlay for glass trays, can be cut to size
Part No.Diameter
1259/33033 cm
Beer Glass Tray, non slip

Beer Glass Tray, non slip

fibreglass reinforced black polyester, with drying/ stacking lugs, dishwasher safe, temperature resistant from -50°C to +140°C, resistant to food acids, alcohol + UV light, virtually unbreakable
Fibreglassdishwashersafeinstruction manual virtually unbreakablePES
Part No.Diameter Height
5356/32032 cm3.5 cm
5356/36036 cm4 cm