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Plate Cover, white

polypropylene, virtually unbreakable, dishwasher safe, can be used between -20°C and +120°C, usable in microwave ovens, with grip hole, stackable * Fits Wood & Sons® 9'' NHS plate, Churchill® 9'' Nova and Classic plate + Steelite® 9" Slimline plate, ** Fits Dudson® 9" NHS plate *** Fits on Churchill® 10" Classic + Nova plates
Part No.Plate Diameter Height
6440/21021 cm6 cm
6440/22022 cm6 cm
6440/23023 cm6 cm
6440/23523.5 cm6 cm
6440/24324.1 cm6 cm
6440/25325 cm6 cm
6440/25725.7 cm6 cm
6440/26526.5 cm6 cm
6440/27027 cm6 cm
6440/27327.3 cm6 cm
6440/28028 cm6 cm
6440/28328.3 cm6 cm
6440/29029 cm6 cm
6440/30030 cm6 cm
6440/31031 cm6 cm
6440/32032 cm6 cm