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Cake Stand

stainless steel, with short wide foot, satin polished finish
Part No.Diameter Height
778/30030 cm2 cm
779/30030 cm5.5 cm
Stainless Steel
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High Cake Cover

High Cake Cover

clear polystyrene, suitable for microwave ovens and freezers (-40°C to +95°C)
Part No.Inside Diameter Plate Diameter Inner Height Outer Height
644/30029.5 cm30 cm8 cm9.5 cm
(Fits cake stands 773, 777, 778, 779 )
644/33031.5 cm33 cm11.5 cm12.5 cm
(Fits cake tray 633/330 )
644/42042 cm41.5 cm11 cm14 cm
(For large 40 cm cakes. Fits cake base 693/400.)
Cake Cover

Cake Cover

opaque polypropylene, virtually unbreakable, stackable, dishwasher proof, suitable for microwave ovens and freezers (-20°C to +120°C)
Polypropylenemicrowavesafestackablecoolablevirtually unbreakable
Part No.Diameter Height
650/30030 cm11 cm
(Fits cake trays and stands 630, 633, 773, 777, 778, 779)
650/33033 cm14 cm
(Fits cake trays and stands 633/330)