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Wine Cradle

mirror chrome plated, with moulded handles, heavy gauge
Part No.max. Diameter Height Length
2380/25010 cm19 cm25 cm
Supplied without decoration.
Matching products to your selection
Wine Collar

Wine Collar

chrome plated brass, mirror polished finish, red felt can be easily removed for cleaning
Part No.Width Outside Diameter Inside Diameter
24/0402 cm4 cm3 cm
Wine Stopper

Wine Stopper

stainless steel with rubber ring
Stainless Steel
Part No.max. Diameter Length
358/0852.8 cm8.5 cm
Wine Pourer

Wine Pourer

stainless steel, with removable rubber insert, fits into standard wine bottles
Stainless SteelRubber
Part No.Length max. Diameter
379/0909 cm2.3 cm
Foil Pourer

Foil Pourer

food safe foil for wine bottles
Part No.Width Height
378/0757.5 cm7.5 cm
Priced/packed in 6's.