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GN 1/1 Roll Top Cold Buffet Set

complete set, 18/10 stainless steel base, plastic well, 3 ice packs, white porcelain GN 1/1 tray, polycarbonate roll top cover
Part No.Length Width Height GN
6210/00557 cm36.5 cm21 cm1/1
645/530Roll top cover
6210/911GN 1/1 Porcelain tray
18/10 Stainless SteelPolycarbonatecoolableNEWPorcelain
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GN 1/1 Cutting Board

GN 1/1 Cutting Board

5 cm thick beech wood, particularly durable, food friendly oiled, 4 rubber feet, not dishwasher safe, extra heavy gauge, for cutting and carving meat or poultry or as a buffet plate
WoodfoodsafeGNnot dishwasher safe
Part No.Length Width Height
1503/53053 cm32.5 cm6 cm

Matches a GN 1/1 lid

645/53054 cm33.5 cm19 cm
Spare feet available.
GN 1/1 Frame

GN 1/1 Frame

18/10 stainless steel, suitable for cold buffet set 6201 or for 1/1 Gastronorm containers up to 65 mm deep
18/10 Stainless SteelGN
Part No.GN Height
7030/0701/17 cm
6201/005Cold Buffet Set*
GN 1/1 Cold Buffet Set

GN 1/1 Cold Buffet Set

black plastic, with 18/10 stainless steel GN 1/1 20 mm tray, supplied with four ice packs
18/10 Stainless Steel
Part No.Length Width Height
6201/53053.5 cm33.5 cm10.5 cm
GN Polycarbonate Containers

GN Polycarbonate Containers

clear, stackable, dishwasher safe, temperature resistant from -40°C to +110°C
Polycarbonatedishwasher safeGNvirtually unbreakablenot to go in microwave
Part No.Depth Litre GN
8211/06565 mm8.5 L1/1
8211/100100 mm13.5 L1/1
8211/150150 mm20 L1/1
8211/200200 mm27.5 L1/1
8212/06565 mm3.5 L1/2
8212/100100 mm6 L1/2
8212/150150 mm9 L1/2
8212/200200 mm12 L1/2
8213/06565 mm2 L1/3
8213/100100 mm3.5 L1/3
8213/150150 mm5.5 L1/3
8213/200200 mm7 L1/3
8214/06565 mm1.5 L1/4
8214/100100 mm2.5 L1/4
8214/150150 mm4 L1/4
8214/200200 mm6 L1/4
8216/06565 mm0.8 L1/6
8216/100100 mm1.5 L1/6
8216/150150 mm2 L1/6
8216/200200 mm3.4 L1/6
8219/06565 mm0.5 L1/9
8219/100100 mm1 L1/9
8221/200200 mm40 L2/1
8224/06565 mm3.3 L2/4
8224/100100 mm4.5 L2/4