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Speed Pourer Set

polypropylene bottle and lid, SAN (plastic) 10 mm diameter coloured pourer nozzle, set includes a white bottle with lid and pourer of same colour, for storage, mixing, pouring and serving drinks
Part No.Height Diameter Colour

1 L sets

5843/10133.5 cm9 cmbrown
5843/10333.5 cm9 cmwhite
5843/10433.5 cm9 cmyellow
5843/10533.5 cm9 cmred
5843/10633.5 cm9 cmorange
5843/10733.5 cm9 cmblue
5843/10933.5 cm9 cmgreen

2 L sets

5843/20135 cm12.5 cmbrown
5843/20335 cm12.5 cmwhite
5843/20435 cm12.5 cmyellow
5843/20535 cm12.5 cmred
5843/20635 cm12.5 cmorange
5843/20735 cm12.5 cmblue
5843/20935 cm12.5 cmgreen
Spare pourer nozzles on request.