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Bill Presenter

black artificial leather
Part No.Length Width

Design matches 5831 menu holders

5834/23023 cm13 cm

Classic design with metallic corners

5834/23323 cm13 cm
Matching products to your selection
Menu Holder

Menu Holder

fine artificial leather, A4, includes one plastic insert, MENU printed on front, easy to clean
Part No.Height Width Colour
5831/04134 cm24 cmblack
5831/04334 cm24 cmblue
5831/04434 cm24 cmbrown
5831/04634 cm24 cmgreen
5831/04934 cm24 cmbordeaux
Supplied with one plastic insert.
5831/241box of 20 black holders
5831/90410 sets of plastic inserts (each 4 x A4)
Boxes for 20 cards in other colours on request.