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Tulip Weck® Glass Jar

traditional German 'Weck®' glass jars, with glass lid, especially suitable for buffets
Part No.Top Diameter Height Litre Carton quantity
2706/2206 cm8 cm220 ml12
2706/58010 cm8.5 cm580 ml6
Priced per carton quantity. Spare lids on request.
NEWRegistered Trademark WECKglas
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Weck® Glass Jars Stand

Weck® Glass Jars Stand

chrome plated wire, with four or eight 220 ml Weck® glass jars, can also be used with traditional Tulip German conical Weck® glass preserving jars, too
Part No.Length Width Height Slots

Supplied complete with 2706/220 glass jars and lids

3295/00421 cm22 cm21.5 cm4
3295/00838 cm22 cm21.5 cm8

Stand only without glass jars and lids

3295/84021 cm22 cm21.5 cm4
3295/88038 cm22 cm21.5 cm8

Matching glass jars and lids

2706/2206 cm8 cm
2707/0506 cm3.5 cm
2707/0806 cm5.5 cm
2707/1406 cm7.5 cm
2707/1606 cm8.5 cm
Weck® Gaskets and Clips

Weck® Gaskets and Clips

Gaskets and Clips for all Weck® glasses, 2 clips recommended per jar and lid
Part No.Diameter Carton quantity

48 pcs. clips



2707/9404 cm10
2707/9606 cm10
2707/9618 cm10
2707/96210 cm10
Priced per pack quantity.