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Food Box

Food Box

white polyethylene, stackable, with rounded corners for easy cleaning, wide U-shaped rim eases transport, drainage hole in curved rim, closed version for various types of food storage, heavy gauge, food safe
Part No.Outer Length Outer Width Inner Height Litre
2555/61760 cm40 cm16 cm30 L
2555/62160 cm40 cm21 cm40 L
2555/63260 cm40 cm31.5 cm60 L
Egg Box

Egg Box

polyethylene, HACCP compliant for storage of eggs, tight lid, food safe, dishwasher safe, withstands temperatures from -40°C to +90°C
Polyethylenedishwashersafeaccording to HACCPfoodsafe
Part No.Length Width Height GN
8033/02335.5 cm32.5 cm20 cm2/3
8033/912Spare tray
Supplied with eight 29x29 cm trays, 4 layers each with 30 eggs can be stored inside the box.
Egg Tray

Egg Tray

polyethylene, takes 30 eggs as per HACCP, food and dishwasher safe
Polyethylenedishwashersafeaccording to HACCPfoodsafeNEW
Part No.Length Width Height Colour
8034/03030 cm30 cm5 cmwhite
8034/03130 cm30 cm5 cmred
Egg Box

Egg Box

including lid, polypropylene, food and dishwasher safe, takes 10 eggs, stackable
Part No.Length Width Height
8035/01024.5 cm10.5 cm7 cm