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Waste Paper Bin

stainless steel, mirror polished finish, zinc plated liner, specially designed to reduce fire risk
Part No.Diameter Height Hole Diameter
1620/68025 cm68 cm10 cm
Liner Ø 21 cm, 49 cm high
Stainless Steelself-extinguishing
Matching products to your selection
Refuse Tongs

Refuse Tongs

black painted tube handle, zinc coated tongs with plastic shield, automatic springback
Part No.Length
7529/105105 cm
Dustpan and Brush

Dustpan and Brush

ergonomically designed: cranked handle at 74 cm waist height, comfortable carrying, sturdy construction of grey polypropylene and aluminium frame, adjustable narrow brush for reaching difficult areas, 100 cm telescopic aluminium tubular handle with hanging hook
Part No.Size
7527/10025 cm x 30 cm x 10 cm