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Chafing Dish

18/10 stainless steel, frame 18/0 stainless steel, mirror polished finish, with a GN 1/1 65 mm pan, with tubular handles, heavy gauge
Part No.Length Width Height

With two burner pots

7096/53066.5 cm35 cm35 cm

With additional adjustable electric element (7099/002*)

7096/53266.5 cm35 cm35 cm

With additional electric element (7099/001*)

7096/53366.5 cm35 cm35 cm
18/10 Stainless Steel18/0 Stainless SteelGN
Matching products to your selection
GN Containers 7000 Range

GN Containers 7000 Range

18/10 stainless steel, material thickness: 0.8 mm, conforms to EN 631-1, stackable, heavy gauge. Please order lids separately.
18/10 Stainless SteelstackableGN
Part No.Depth Litre GN
7011/02020 mm2.5 L1/1
7011/04040 mm5 L1/1
7011/05555 mm6.2 L1/1
7011/06565 mm9 L1/1
7011/100100 mm14 L1/1
7011/150150 mm21 L1/1
7011/200200 mm28 L1/1
7012/02020 mm1.25 L1/2
7012/04040 mm2.5 L1/2
7012/06565 mm4 L1/2
7012/100100 mm5.7 L1/2
7012/150150 mm8.7 L1/2
7012/200200 mm11 L1/2
7013/02020 mm0.75 L1/3
7013/04040 mm1.5 L1/3
7013/06565 mm2.5 L1/3
7013/100100 mm4 L1/3
7013/150150 mm5.7 L1/3
7013/200200 mm7.8 L1/3
7014/02020 mm0.5 L1/4
7014/04040 mm1 L1/4
7014/06565 mm1.8 L1/4
7014/100100 mm2.8 L1/4
7014/150150 mm4 L1/4
7014/200200 mm5.5 L1/4
7016/06565 mm1 L1/6
7016/100100 mm1.6 L1/6
7016/150150 mm2.4 L1/6
7016/200200 mm3.4 L1/6
7019/06565 mm0.6 L1/9
7019/100100 mm1 L1/9
7019/150150 mm1.5 L1/9
7021/02020 mm5 L2/1
7021/04040 mm10 L2/1
7021/06565 mm18.5 L2/1
7021/100100 mm28.5 L2/1
7021/150150 mm42.5 L2/1
7021/200200 mm57.5 L2/1
7023/02020 mm1.5 L2/3
7023/04040 mm3 L2/3
7023/06565 mm5.5 L2/3
7023/100100 mm9 L2/3
7023/150150 mm13 L2/3
7023/200200 mm18 L2/3
7024/02020 mm1.25 L2/4
7024/04040 mm2.4 L2/4
7024/06565 mm3.5 L2/4
7024/100100 mm6 L2/4
7024/150150 mm8.75 L2/4
7028/02020 mm0.5 L2/8
7028/04040 mm1 L2/8
7028/06565 mm1.8 L2/8
7028/100100 mm2.8 L2/8
7028/150150 mm3.7 L2/8
7112/100100 mm0.6 L1/12
7124/100100 mm0.75 L2/24
Boiled Egg Frame

Boiled Egg Frame

18/10 stainless steel, mirror polished, suits all GN 1/1 Chafing Dishes, 35 mm holes, keeps 38 eggs warm
18/10 Stainless SteelGN
Part No.Length Width Height
7047/03847 cm28.5 cm3 cm
suitable for all GN 1/1 containers (40 mm and deeper)
Electric Element

Electric Element

aluminium, for chafing dishes, 230 V AC, measures 25 x 20 cm, with 2.5 m cable, suitable for rectangular chafing dishes, together with special water basins for conversion of chafing dishes to electrical operation
Aluminiuminstruction manual
Part No.Length Width Height

Non adjustable 500 W

7099/00130 cm20 cm2 cm

Adjustable 700 W

7099/00230 cm20 cm2 cm
Important notice Not for use in water. The water basin has to be prepared for installation.
Serving Spoon

Serving Spoon

LE BUFFET range, with black ABS handle, heavy gauge, 18/0 stainless steel
18/0 Stainless Steeldishwashersafe
Part No.Bowl Size Total Length
9003/22010 cm x 6 cm31 cm
9003/24011 cm x 7 cm33.5 cm


stainless steel, mirror polished finish, black vinyl coated handle, heat resistant up to +120°C
Stainless SteelPVCdishwashersafe
Part No.Length
3200/23023 cm
GN 1/1 Two Division container

GN 1/1 Two Division container

stainless steel, matt polished finish heavy gauge
Stainless SteelstackableGN
Part No.Depth Litre GN
7010/01165 mm3 L1/1

Takes two 1/2 size GN lids, please order separately